Art Exhibitions: Colour, texture & expressive abstraction

So we’re settling in to our new home now and finally able to take a breath! We’re proud to announce a new Art Exhibition to be held very soon of which you can read more below. We’ve had a wonderful first few months and have been so delighted to see so many of you dropping in to say hello and marvelling at the digs!

Our opening shows have really been exciting. We’ve been honoured to present the first solo Art Exhibitions by two very talented award-winning artists, Eileen O’Sullivan (in October/November 2018) and Stephen Doyle (February/March 2019). You can see all the work in our Exhibitions section on our website. And currently we are showing beautiful acrylic on aluminium paintings by artist Stephen Lawlor.

Colour, texture and expressive abstraction are what is inspiring us at the moment. Within these new exhibitions we’ve seen a real shift to the use of strong, vibrant colour and form which is reflected in 2019 trends.

With lots more exhibitions to come, 2019 is set to be a busy one! And don’t forget to keep up-to-date and get invites to our shows, click here to join our Mailing List.