A short Q&A with artist John Fitzsimons

John Fitzsimons in his studio
John Fitzsimons in his studio

John Fitzsimons is a painter and printmaker from Dublin who currently has a solo show ‘The Thief of Time’ on the walls in SO Fine Art Editions. His work deals with an aspiration of balance and harmony within society and our harmful relationship with the earth and our environment. We thought we would find out a little more about him.

SO Fine Art Editions – What was your first experience creating art?

John – Drawing Dinosaurs and monsters all over my French book in school when I was about eight years old. I wasn’t very good at French.

SO – What or who inspires you?

John – I find that nature inspires me most but also looking at other artists work and how they respond to nature. I’m really inspired by recently deceased Brice Marden and also love Sean Scully’s work.

SO – Art can be quite solitary, so when you are working through problems in your work, who do you talk to or what do you usually do?

John – I like to let things sit on the studio walls for some time it’s really helpful if you’re unsure to give it time and then the answer usually presents itself. My sister, who also went to art college, is really clever and insightful so she is great for putting me in the right direction if I’m stuck.

SO – And finally do you have a favourite piece in this show?

I do, there’s is a small piece with turquoise and green rectangles overlapping each other. Its simplicity really draws me in and makes me excited to work more with that idea.

John Fitzsimons - passing
John Fitzsimons’ favourite piece in the show

Although there are no French dinosaurs in his current show, there are lots of fantastic works to view, and it is on until the 23rd September 2023.
You can also see the works and read the press release here.