The Art of Collecting

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Recent studies have shown that integrating fine art into a space creates a motivating and productive office environment. Good quality and well considered art choices can stimulate staff and enhance employee satisfaction.

Creating a desirable space, that realistically we spend a large proportion of our lives, demonstrates that we care about our employees, wanting to make the environment calming and enticing. It also works in creating an interesting space for clients to engage in and can reinforce your corporate image.

Things to consider when looking into buying art for any space, whether it be for home or work, is your budget; what do you have to spend? Bearing in mind that original fine art is an investment and corporate clients can enjoy a tax incentive by investing in art, as it can be written off as depreciation over a limited time. Galleries often accept payments in installments so although it might take you longer to own the piece, if it is something you love, it can make it more achievable.

What space do you want to fill? A few well placed pieces can be more effective then just filling every space for the sake of it. Would a piece of applied art, ceramics or sculpture, work better than a piece on the wall? or maybe work together? Try not restrict yourself to one medium. Always consider the rest of the furniture in the room. When art and furniture work together they look effortless and do not detract from each other. This is also true of framing, never let the frame be the first thing that you see when you look at a piece of art. It should only ever compliment not take over and should draw your eye to the artwork itself.

What do you want the artwork to say about you or your company? Do you want to convey a message to clients or employees when they enter into the space? Do you want conversation pieces or maybe a consistent theme running throughout the space? Artwork gives a personality to the space so make sure it sums up your best side.

If you are unsure of what you might want or what might work in the particular space, don’t be afraid to ask questions and get advice. Galleries stock a wide range of art and know their own stock better than anyone. Many often provide an excellent consultancy service advising on all aspects of purchasing, collecting and framing, with delivery and installation often included.

Many galleries allow you to take a piece home on trial to see it works in the intended place. So if you are unsure this can help decide if it is for you. Or if you don’t see exactly what you may want, you can always commission an artist to create something specifically. Not all artists do this but it may be a question worth asking.

And finally and most importantly, be brave! Go with your gut instinct and you will reap the rewards. Buy only what you love. Don’t be afraid to invest in the perfect piece, creating a space you are proud of and that you will gain enjoyment in for years to come is absolutely worth it.