Work + Turn

Taffina Flood –  28 August – 25 September, 2021
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The work for this exhibition was undertaken in fits and starts during the last two years, against the backdrop of the Pandemic. It bears no direct reference to the time but could not be somewhat influenced by it in some unspoken, unconscious, experiential way.

Colour is an important tool for artists to express themselves and engage the viewer intellectually and emotionally. Taffina’s art is characterised by vibrant, evocative and intense colour patterns. The simple generic geometry of circles, spheres, rectangles, ellipsis and squares are created spontaneously and juxtapose layers of colour in translucent veils. However they also serve as formal punctuations in composition alongside other elements of deliberate and accidental mark making.

Flood draws inspiration from a process of thinking walks and day to day observations, an ongoing scatter-gun of phone photograph records from the incidental to fleeting moments caught and captured. Other elements of colour, light and form are drawn from thinking through making with the work always in a state of uncertainty and motion until the final movement and mark.

The work is to be viewed as a series of painting moments, where Flood brings together colour, light and form to create some other entity, one that is more than the sum of its parts.

Aidan Dunne has written a wonderful essay about Taffina Flood’s solo exhibition Work + Turn.
…Painting, for her, is surely a way of interrogating the limitless body of potential images, of zeroing in on the heart of the mystery. And it is a process charged with tension. It involves, as she puts it, “a constant battle to get away from your conscious mind.”…
Read the full essay here.

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