Winter Exhibition

Group Exhibition
7th December – 17th January

This year’s Winter Group Show is a must see and includes a diverse group of artists whose work
is unique yet compliment each other. Daniel Holfeld’ photograph portrays his love of travel and whose work was exhibited this year in the Royal Opera Arcade Gallery, London. Niamh Flanagan’s etching collages are bright and quirky along side Neil Dunne’s new screenprint ,which signifies his wonderful use of colour and line.

The talented Kelvin Mann has revived the story of the Black Robin by constructing a 3 by 2.5metre installation , where he has hung 253 hand editioned photo-etchings of the Black Robin representing Old Blue’s Family Tree. It tells the story of how in 1979 the only 5 remaining Black Robins, rescued by Don Merton and how a female from the five affectionately called ‘Old Blue’ (from her blue ID band) successfully reproduced and is the Mother of her species. Currently the population is approximately 250 each of which is a direct descendent of this remarkable little bird.

Also in this exhibition is a selection of bindu and vortex vessels by Gráinne Watts. These vessels, often informed by ‘treasures’ found at the coastline of Ireland are made with porcelain and stoneware clays , wth layers of vibrant under glazes to create interesting surface detail.

Marine life is also a source of inspiration for Aoife Soden, whose glass pieces showcase patterns and colours seen in the Echinoderm family of urchins, starfish and stone lilies. For Aoife these small creatures are a constant, their exquisite and fragile shells found on beaches in each of the countries she has lived. Each of these hand formed, beautiful pieces truly are unique in pattern and form.

Click on the thumbnails below to see larger images of the works. More coming soon..