Somewhere in Between

Stefanie Brüning, Thomas Heyl, Alison Kay & Kate MacDonagh
10 October – 07 November, 2019

An international contemporary exhibition bringing sculptural form to the fore, each artist exploring, altering and transforming their material. Using light and shadows, outlines, curves and cut-outs, abstract shapes and patterns, the four artists have created tactile, timeless and inspiring work.

Stefanie Brüning’s
work explores the transition from one space to another. Brüning uses fragile paper objects, cut out, layered and arched into space, creating a 3D affect which light permeates creating shadows. Her graphic marks and drawings on embossed zinc plates create a conversation between surface and space, drawing and sculpture, and image and word.

Thomas Heyl uses simple cuts to perforate the material plane of paper and paint. The void or space that is uncovered takes on new meaning and shape, as light and shadows constantly transform the pieces, altering the narration.

Alison Kay’s sculptures are vessel-like, with an opening showing part of the interior. Sharp outlines and well-defined curves give a tautness and volume to the forms. Aerodynamic shapes, plants and architecture are all sources of inspiration. Her ideas are formed through handling the clay, making subtle changes to what has come before. Each piece is coil built using white Raku clay, then pared back and attentively worked to achieve symmetry in the form.

Kate MacDonagh is an abstract artist whose work explores dualities of light and dark, scale and ephemerality, stillness and movement, the spectral and the material. Since her time spent in Japan (2015, 2017 and 2019) Kate’s primary focus is on water-based woodblock printing (Mokuhanga) and water colour painting. From carving wood blocks to make the prints, the carvings have taken on a new dimension, becoming sculptural objects in themselves.


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