Samuel Walsh – Segments

Exhibition opens on June 5th and continues until June 26th, 2021.

‘A line is a force’, Henry van de Velde (1863-1957).

Samuel Walsh’s small segment drawings are based on sections of larger drawings, which he has always included in his practice since 1977. He maintains that scale does not diminish the work’s intensity or discipline value, and subliminally Walsh brings aspects of upbringing, culture, travels, and personal associations and relationships into his creative practice.

These drawings are made using a brush soaked in ‘encre de Chine’ (Chinese ink) as well a range of liquid mediums, especially acrylic gouache when introducing a second or third colour. Each drawing requires three linear coats to establish a finish

Walsh states that he does not always represent the world but he lives in it, asking difficult questions and challenging his audience with his ideas translated into two-dimensional forms. According to him, “there is nothing worse than passivity in the face of art or art that is passive in meeting an audience.”

Click on the thumbnails below to see full image of the works.