Patricio Cassinoni

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Born in the city of Buenos Aires (Argentina) in January 1975. He studied photography at the C.C. Ricardo Rojas (Universidad de Buenos Aires).  He has worked professionally as a photographer, cameraman and television producer. Between 2001 and 2007 he lived and worked in Barcelona and  then moved to Dublin where he continues to develop his professional projects (in photography and painting). Over years he has also collaborated with theatre companies in different projects. He has exhibited his works in several solo and group shows in Berlin, Brussels, Barcelona, Buenos Aires and Dublin, as well as art fairs in Edinburgh and Buenos Aires. He has been invited to present some of  his projects in different art festivals in Europe. Patricio’s artwork forms part of private collections in different countries around the world.

Selected Exhibitions
2017 Shot, SO Fine Art Editions, Dublin
2016 Shutter, SO Fine Art Editions Dublin
​2016 Solo es Sexo Galeria, Fernando Pradilla, Madrid
​2016 Common People, Art Deal Project, Barcelona
2015 Art Photo, Bcn, Barcelona
2015 Jäälphoto Festival, Madrid
2015 Sex Toys Exhibition, ​DCU, Dublin, Ireland
2014 Horror Vacui Art Deal Project/ Gracia / Barcelona
2014 Only One Photography Exhibition, Mitte, Barcelona
2013 WeArt Festival, Barcelona
2013 Photography Exhibition, Bagots Hottons, Dublin
2013 Painting Exhibition, Outhouse, Dublin
2012 Photography Exhibition, PhotoIreland
2012 Painting Exhibition, Kellys Hotel, Dublin, Ireland
2011 Painting Exhibition, Grand Social, Dublin, Ireland
2011 Photography Exhibition, Expo Trastienda, Art Fair, BS.AS. Argentina
2011 Photography Exhibition, SG Arte Contemporaneo, BS.AS. Argentina
2010 Painting Exhibition, Edinburgh Art Fair
2010 Primer festival de arte erotico, de Bs.As.Argentina Te Matare Ramirez/Neszona54 Gallery
2010 Painting Exhibition, Clyne Gallery, Dublin, Ireland
2010 Painting Exhibition, ETNIA 2010, Latin America Art Fair, Brussels
2009 Painting Exhibition, The Cross Gallery, Dublin, Ireland
2009 Contemporary and Modern Art Auction, Adam’s, Dublin, Ireland
2009 Painting Exhibition, Turn-Berlin Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2009 Photography Exhibition, Summer Sound Fest., Dublin, Ireland
2009 Painting Exhibition, Dame st. Gallery, Dublin, Ireland
2009 Painting Exhibition, Turn-Berlin Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2009 Painting Exhibition, Back loft, Dublin, Ireland
2008 Photography Exhibition, Gruel, Dublin, Ireland
2007 Photography Exhibition, Back Loft, Dublin, Ireland