Padraig Parle

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Padraig Parle studied Fine Art at DIT, Dublin, graduating in 2001. He later went on to obtain a MFA from IADT, Dublin in 2011. His first solo exhibition took place in 2003 at The Wexford Arts Centre during the Wexford Opera Festival which was a mix of his still life and  figurative work. Parle’s practice currently focuses on abstraction, of which the artist states: “Abstract art is something that tends to require some conceptual justification. In other words, why have I decided to paint triangles over every other type of subject matter? Firstly I use triangles as a physical incarnation of the eye, hand and heart concept. Secondly I use the three visual elements of spatial organisation, colour and texture to create a painting. The aim of this painting is for these three visual elements to coexist in harmony to create a visual chord which is pleasing to the eye, in the same way a musical chord of three notes is pleasing to the ear. I find abstract art so special, as it is universal and accessible to all regardless of experience or cultural background.”


Selected Exhibitions