on paper


“Artists have always been attracted to the materiality of works on paper” – Donna de Salvo, chief curator of the Whitney Museum of American Art, New York.

SO Fine Art Editions presents ‘on paper’ featuring the works of 10 contemporary artists including Michael Canning, Blaise Drummond, Richard Gorman, John Graham, Stephen Lawlor, Hughie O’Donoghue, David O’Kane, Maurice Quillinan, Barbara Rae, Laurence Riddell, Donald Teskey and Samuel Walsh.

Paper, one of the most accessible and common of art media, has been used by artists for centuries as a surface for drawing and sketching. This exhibition showcases a variety of mediums within this genre; watercolours, gouache, charcoal, lithographs with collage and hand stitching, acrylic, Chinese ink and carborundum fine art prints.

Although each artist depicts their distinctive style, subject matter and colour palette, there exists an underlying dialogue and energy between the works. Works on paper play an important role in each of the foregoing artists’ practice and they are adept at manoeuvring through drawing, painting, etching and watercolour. By moving from canvas to paper and back again, they are able to extract varying degrees of intensity or subtlety from their vocabulary of images.


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