Liquorice & Wax

6 April – 28 April, 2017

Liquorice & Wax – Stephen Lawlor & James McCreary 

A two person exhibition featuring the work of Irish artists Stephen Lawlor and James McCreary.

After a very successful exhibition in Sweden, these two artists join forces again with McCreary’s work focussing on Liquorice Allsorts for his exquisite mezzotints and Lawlor’s work exploring the medium of wax in sculptures of women from another time. Their inspiration and connection, Liquorice & Wax, are strangely similar substances but are equally worlds apart.

Stephen Lawlor extends his recent explorations in painting and printmaking to sculptures in wax. They are small scale, serene and haunting and continue the theme from his last exhibition at Galleri Astley Art Museum in Vastmanland, Sweden entitled Da Doda (The Dead) from 2016. Accompaning these sculptures are new screen prints which further consolidate this theme.

James McCreary’s Liquorice Allsorts float within their softly toned background. The viewer is playfully transported back to their childhood as the visual conjures up that glorious exotic flavour that is unlike any other.

Click on the thumbnails below to see some of the works.