Kari Cahill

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She completed her BA(Fine Art Media), NCAD in 2012. She has worked as creative director for a number of large projects, has curated exhibitions and residencies, and has produced a number of large-scale installations and paintings. Since 2015 a large part of her work has been focused on her 2D painting and photography practice which draws heavily from the movement of the natural landscape and elements of Ireland.

Kari is drawn to the idea that we are from the land, and that through our experience of it we begin to embody its essence. Her work aims to close the gap between physical and emotional experiences of place. Through her projects she has been occupied with the notion that in order to understand where we come from and the elements that form us both evolutionarily and culturally, we must first find a way of accessing the natural world; spend time in deep forests, watch the power of crashing waves, sit still and see the clouds moving overhead. Kari’s most recent series of works are a visual interpretation of these experiences. 

While she was studying Fine Art at the National College of Art and Design, she set up ‘Basic Space’ – a not-for-profit artist-led contemporary art space, and was Director of the space from 2011-2014. Basic Space existed in a 10,000 sq Foot Warehouse in the heart of Dublin 8, before moving to Marrowbone Lane as part of the Art’s Council of Ireland’s Vacant Spaces Initiative. She set up residency programs and curated exhibitions and projects within this context; facilitating the work of both Irish and International artists practising a range of disciplines. Basic Space produced work for the closing ceremony of EV+A International as part of Gracelands 2012, as well as taking up residency at IMMA and TBG+S for a period.

She is one half of ‘Lay of the Land’ (LOTL) – a site responsive arts organisation with artist Hazel Mc Cague. LOTL projects create greater accessibility to the arts in rural communities while allowing the visual arts to stand alone as a valuable and necessary cultural activity and experience. This is achieved through exhibitions, residencies, dialogue and short-term projects in an ever-growing number of locations throughout this island. At its core, LOTL wants to challenge artists and audiences, by both making art more accessible and integrated into the lives, communities and landscapes around us, and by driving artists o create informed artworks of a quality and depth demanded by the magnitude of their surrounding landscapes. LOTL’s annual projects TOMBOLO & SILVA have facilitated the development of 12 artists to date through a residency followed by a large outdoor exhibitions on Brow Head, and at Knockomagh Wood in West Cork. 

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Selected Presentations & Exhibitions

2022 Park Life: Biodiversity in Contemporary Irish Art. At The Glucksman Gallery Cork, Curated in partnership with the Environmental Research Institute, UCC.
2022 Timpeallacht, Klicoe Studios Group Exhibition, Skibereen Arts Festival
2022 Cairde Visual Arts Group Exhibition, Cairde Festival, Hamilton Gallery, Sligo
2022 Cliff Painting, Northwest Coast, Ireland. Funded by the Arts Council Project Award
2021 Where We Collide, Solo Show, Hyde Bridge Gallery, Yeats Building, Sligo
2020 Kanreki, The Model Art Centre, Sligo
2020 SO Fine Art Editions, Christmas Show, Powerscourt Townhouse Centre, Dublin
2020 60, Graphic Studio Member Exhibition, Hyde Bridge, Sligo
2019 Wild Ink, Exhibition at Wilds Gallery, Glandore, West Cork
2019 Calafort, Lay Of The Land Residency and Exhibition, Port, Donegal
2019 Tombolo 19, Lay Of The Land Residency and Exhibition, Brow Head, West Cork
2019 Fíadh Selvagem, Exhibition at NaCasa, Florianopolis, Santa Catarina, Brazil
2018 Aura, Solo Exhibition, Wilds, Glandore, Co. Cork
2018 Coalesce, Exhibition, Studio 10, Wicklow Street, Dublin
2017 Tombolo 17, Brow Head, Mizen Peninsula, Cork
2017 Siar, Group Show, Doswell Gallery, Rosscarbery, Cork
2017 Locales, Group Show, Doswell Gallery, Rosscarbery, Cork