James Kearney

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James Kearney was born in Clonmel, Co. Tipperary, and is currently based in Limerick, Ireland. He graduated from Limerick School of Art & Design in 2018 with a degree in Printmaking & Contemporary Practice. After graduating, he completed a 12-month residency at Cork Printmakers in 2019. He is currently a member of Limerick Printmakers, working with a variety of processes such as screen-print, etching, mezzotint, and alternative photography. James’s work has been exhibited in a number of locations across Ireland and Internationally, including the 191st RHA Annual Exhibition and the Halftone Fair in Dublin. His work has been selected for various awards including the Arts Councils Agility Award, and Tipperary Artist awards.

Selected Exhibitions
2023 Life is Still, Solo Exhibition, People’s Museum, Limerick
2023 Winter Exhibition, SO Fine Art Editions, Dublin
2023 Decennium, 10th Anniversary Exhibition, SO Fine Art Editions, Dublin
2022 Halftone Fair, Dublin
2022 Bold, Winter Exhibition, Limerick
2022 Summer Exhibition, SO Fine Art Editions, Dublin
2021 Limerick printmakers Members exhibition, Limerick
2021 Mini Print Fair, Lime Tree Theatre, Limerick
2021 191th  RHA Annual Exhibition, Dublin
2021 Thinking of Place Exhibition, Sydney, Australia
2020 Greenacres Exhibition, Wexford Town
2019 Print International 2019, Wrexham.
2019 Cork Printmakers Members summer exhibition
2019 Birr  Vintage Week, Birr
2019 Greenacres  Exhibition, Wexford Town
2019 Limerick Soviet shilling Project, Limerick city
2019 Artist of the month, The Hunt Museum, Limerick city
2018 Aurora, Emerging artist group show, Cork Printmakers
2018 Graduate show ‘Flux’, Limerick school of Art, Limerick
2018 Art box Project New York 1.0, Armory Art week, New York
2017 Uncultured, Sailor’s Home Limerick

Awards & Funding
2021 Agility Award, Arts Council of Ireland
2021 Grants Under the Arts Act, Tipperary County Council
2020 126 Gallery Bursary
2018 Cork Printmakers Bursary