Graduates At SO

Graduates at SO  –  5 August – 21 August, 2021
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Following a viewing of this years NCAD Print Graduate Show, we are delighted to provide a platform for six talented graduates to exhibit their work at SO Fine Art Editions. Due to COVID the public are yet to get to see a lot of this years print work, only a select few and the OPW have had the honour. This makes it even more special to introducing Joanne Clerkin, Aoife Coss, Fiona Duffy, Sinead Killoran, Darragh Phelan and Marta Szymczyk.

This two week exhibition continues with our ethos of encouraging and showcasing new artists work, while also providing a space where the next generation of Irish art collectors can discover the latest trends in contemporary art. Where best to discover new artists and trends then from emerging artists who are generating fresh ideas, and wanting to challenge us to look at the world with questioning eyes. Showing where their concerns lie – within our people, the climate crisis, commercialism, the realities of the rental market, archiving in the digital world and the effects of technology and commodification on our world.

Joanne Clerkin explores the human/nature relationship, particularly ‘biophilia’, and natures’ positive impact on the artist’s mental health. The idea that the more we connect with nature, the deeper our appreciation of it becomes, and the more we want to protect it. With the impending climate crisis, protecting it has become crucial. Clerkin’s work strives to inspire people to reconnect with the natural world, and in turn look after it.

Aoife Coss explores the absence of a sense of home experienced in rental spaces, with a focus on her own experiences renting in Dublin over the past 5 years. Boldly simplified using painting and screenprint, the rental spaces depict that no matter where you are, most are all the same, showing the reality of a lack of ownership with no chance/time to make them feel like home.

The focus of Fiona Duffy’s work is the investigation of the shifting landscape of cultural memory within the archive, as methods of preservation are shifted to exist within the volatile digital realm. By examining abandoned objects and litter, depicting them through anachronistic mediums, this lends them a permanence that has been long lost since.

Sinead Killoran’s work concentrates on showcasing Irish life and people through strong visual content, textures, colour and motifs.

Darragh Phelan’s work explores of the effect technology and commodification has on people as individuals, and on society as a whole. Algorithms and the harvesting of personal data are driving the profits of big tech companies at the expense of ordinary people’s privacy, autonomy and freewill, and affecting the outcomes of democratic elections and processes.

Marta Szymczyk examines and exposes the complex world of makeup and its role in our planet’s future. By creating a makeup brand ‘Enhanced Natural Beauty’, Szymczyk voices her concerns as well as proposes alternative ideas about the beauty industry’s plastic waste. This is a platform for more serious conversations around our environment, especially about plastic waste.

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