Full Turn

Joby Hickey & Shane O’Driscoll
05 September – 03 October, 2019

SO Fine Art Editions are delighted to host Full Turn, an exciting two person exhibition of new works by Joby Hickey and Shane O’Driscoll. Both these creative individuals are defying creative constraints and are redefining and reshaping the contemporary art scene.

Joby Hickey is a visual artist based in Dublin. Apprenticed to his father, the painter and etcher Patrick Hickey he lived in Dun Laoghaire and studied Fine Art in IADT. Since 2009, Hickey has had a parallel research practice into analogue photographic techniques and has developed a unique set of skills. He builds his own cameras from found materials and recycled lenses, produces hand made negative plates and uses analogue production techniques.

One such technique Hickey has perfected on is the photographic glass plate process, which requires the photographic material to be coated, sensitized using silver salts, exposed and developed within a 15 minute time span, thus requiring a portable darkroom. The image is black and white once developed, and Hickey adds something unique in that he also colourises the image on the glass. For this show, he has taken images of Moons, astronauts and skies, looking up and outside of our day to day reality.

Shane O’Driscoll is an Irish printmaker and visual artist from Cork. His medium is primarily screen prints although he is constantly developing his work and employs collage and aluminium. In producing this body of work, which features gold linear curves, O’Driscoll was mindful of Hickey’s photographs of planets and moons. In 2019 his work was acquired by The National Gallery of Ireland as part of their permanent collection.

O’Driscoll’s hand pulled silkscreens are both compelling and upbeat. He combines vibrant colour blocks, with curvilinear shapes balanced with white space between, seemingly empty yet wonderfully intensifying the work as a whole. As he comments : “My prints are often unique, the element of chance and intuition is key when making them. There is rarely a final composition in mind when starting as I enjoy playing with colour and shape to reach the final image”

Click on the thumbnails below to see larger images of the works.