Crosses, Salt Lamps and Fires for a God That Might Exist

SO Fine Art Editions present – Crosses, Salt Lamps and Fires for a God That Might Exist – A Solo Exhibition by Niall Cullen

08 February – 05 March, 2024
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Crosses, Salt Lamps and Fires for a God That Might Exist is the latest solo exhibition by Niall KJ Cullen. The work is installed in harmony with the decorative architecture of the gallery space, originally a ball room dating back to 1744. The salt lamps and alterations to the Georgian windows blend the work and the environment with a wash of warm, comforting light that one might associate with a meditation space, a church or a relaxing domestic setting.

Cullen is a contemporary visual artist from Dublin, Ireland. He has a first class honours degree in sculpture from the National College of Art and Design and he recently completed a year with Turps, an alternative art school based in London.

In recent years Cullen’s journey has led him towards the exploration of spiritual growth completely disassociated from any form of organised religion. The body of work uses Cullen’s own rendition of the Celtic cross as a motif. This new found connection to the Celtic cross was ignited by a series of residencies at the Cill Rialaig Project in Ballinskelligs, Kerry where Cullen met Ashley O’Neal, a poet and philosopher who helped Cullen to connect to the history and mythology associated with the landscape.

The exact origin of the Celtic cross is unknown. The four arms of the Celtic Cross are said to be representative of the four elements of fire, earth, air and water while the centre ring is a symbol for God’s endless love, the circle of life, death and infinite life.  

This symbol has infused Cullen’s thinking with ancient narratives which he merges with his ongoing involvement in subcultures which interact with urban environments. His work manifests itself through a video based practice heavily influenced by his years developing experimental skateboarding films in Dublin and Barcelona under the KJ alias. Although filmmaking is the foundation of Cullen’s practice he also works within a multidisciplinary practice, exploring sound, painting, drawing and performance.

The new pieces made on linen are titled using an archive system referencing time, sequences, an X axis and Y axis measured in crosses. They are non-paintings, relics, objects and artifacts which are excavated from the future. 

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