Back Country

Artists: Jean Bardon, Stephen Lawlor, Sarah Long, Ed Miliano, Sorca O’Farrell.
January – February, 2023

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Enthused by nature and the spaces we inhibit, each artist in this exhibition evokes landscapes imbued with emotion, atmosphere and depth, depicting the beauty of the natural world that surrounds us, while opening our minds to our own relationship to nature and beyond.

Jean Bardon’s connection to the garden and the natural world is evident in her etchings with gold leaf. The formality, ornamental qualities and boldness of botanical art have strongly informed the development of Bardon’s work. The added gold leaf creates a tranquility in her work, inspired by the Japanese folding screens and early Renaissance painting. Bardon lives and works in Dublin.

Stephen Lawlor, born and based in Dublin, is an accomplished painter and master printmaker. Lawlor’s work is an ongoing engagement with landscape in both time and place, drawing you into an mystically uncertain yet familiar space. His sumptuous use of colour and light brings you deeper into the compositions and locations he envisions.

Sarah Long uses the landscape as a framework to explore processes and also to traverse narratives of human activity and the space we inhabit. She creates worlds that are fantastical yet familiar. Long is an artist and writer based in Cork and Glasgow.

Ed Miliano was born in New York and lives in Dublin. Inspired by his surrounding landscapes, Miliano depicts abstracted woods with overlapping branches and graphic birds. During a four-year period working in Tokyo, Ed studied Mokuhanga (or water-based woodcut) printmaking, seen in this exhibition. His work references the impermanence of nature and its changing seasons, much like the transience of life.

Sorca O’Farrell is a landscape artist from Howth, Dublin. Her delicate works draw on natural forms and locations filled with memories and emotions. She re-creates an atmosphere of a safe space, filling the landscapes with feelings and magic. Working mainly in charcoal with added ink and pastel creates that profundity and mood of each artwork.

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