Alice Fitzgerald

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Alice Fitzgerald is a Dublin-based visual artist and designer. She is inspired by the organic forms of nature and the geometric shapes of her city life. Through an abstract and minimal approach, she demonstrates the playful interactions between line, colour and form. Her idiosyncratic, elemental forms strike their own kind of balance between order and chaos, with every element forming part of the whole. Influenced by modernist and mid-century artists like Ellsworth Kelly, Jean Arp and Matisse, Alice takes to heart August Endell’s belief that even if abstract forms signify nothing, represent nothing, remind us of nothing, they still have the power arouse our souls as deeply and strongly as any other art form. No matter how simple those forms are, there is always something new to grasp. Starting her career art director for the infamous Mongrel magazine, to working in various design studios such as Zero-G, to setting up her own design and visual arts practice. She holds a BA in Visual Communications and MA in Professional Design Practice from TU Dublin. Her work is held in Dublin City Council’s permanent collection.


Selected Solo Exhibitions
2019 Shape Form(s) Shape, Damn Fine Print, Dublin 7
2019 Dreams of a Fractal Thing, Kevin St. Library

Selected Group Exhibitions
2023 Winter Exhibition, SO Fine Art Editions, Dublin
2023 Decennium, 10th Anniversary Exhibition, SO Fine Art Editions, Dublin
2023 Island w/ Ceadogán Rugmakers at Hang Tough Contemporary
2022 Familia, Atelier Now
2022 Summer Show, SO Fine Art Editions, Dublin
2022 Páipéar, Hang Tough Contemporary
2021 Winter Show, SO Fine Art Editions, Dublin
2020 Assemble, Atelier Maser
2019 The Bayno, Kevin St. Library (Permanent Collection)
2012 Eggplant, PhotoIreland Fest

Dublin City Council’s permanent collection