Patrick O’Reilly

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Patrick O’Reilly was born in Kilkenny in 1957 and currently lives and works between Dublin and the Auvergne, France. He has achieved international fame for his innovative and dynamic visual works.

He enrolled at the Art College of Belfast at the age of 17, but he left one year later to pursue his personal blend of drawing and artistic creation. His aim, since childhood, has always been to explore sculpture in a three-dimensional form. The sculptures are not only philosophical expressions of thoughts and experiences, but also reflect O’Reilly’s feelings, emotions, and personality.

O’Reilly’s works of art have dominated Dublin City gallery exhibitions since the mid-1990s. His works have been commissioned in China and all over Europe, with one of his prominent sculptures standing outside the O2 Center along Grafton Street, Dublin.. Some of his sculptures are on permanent display in places such as Hugh Lane Gallery in Dublin, at the Bank of Ireland, and in private collections in Europe and the United States. He won the RHA Sculpture Prize in 20096 and 2009.

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2013 New Works in Bronze by Patrick O’Reilly, Friedman & Vallois, New York
2013 The Consideration of the Planets, Oliver Sears Gallery, Dublin
2011 Pillars of Society, Gallerie Vallois, Paris
2010 Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast, Oliver Sears Gallery, Dublin
2010 The Drunkeness of Things Being Various, Oliver Sears Gallery, Dublin
2009 Distant Memory, Le Café Francais, Brussels
2008 Sculptures, Gallerie Vallois, Paris
2007 New Work, Hotel Tastellet, Marseilles
2007 New Work, Mullan Gallery, Belfast
2006 Bears and Candies, Gallerie Vallois, Paris
2004 In Search of Lost Rhyme, The Mayor Gallery, London
2002 Come With Me, Gallerie Het Ceyne Huys, The Hague
2000 Object – Installation, Gallerie Kyra Maralt, Berlin
1999 Nouveau Baroque, Gallerie Piltzer, Paris
1999 L’home qui Marche, Pallais Royal, Jardin de Louvre, Paris